The strategy – resource configurations and performance implications in Nongovernmental Organizations

AOSA E, V.Bagire, Awino ZB. "The strategy – resource configurations and performance implications in Nongovernmental Organizations." Crown Research in Education. 2012; 2(3): 105-112.


Configurations are composed of organizational elements that render certain outcomes collectively rather than individually. This study set out to establish the implications of strategy and resource configurations on performance of Nongovernmental organizations. We tested for strategy with the sub variables of resources as predictors of performance in the tangible and intangible sub domains. Using interaction terms, results revealed that different configuration settings rendered into various performance outcomes. Strategy –tangible resource models had high coefficients but were not significant in predicting tangible, intangible and main performance. On the contrary strategy – intangible resources were significant with other domains save with intangible performance. The three way interaction term was not significant although with high prediction power across the performance variables. We conclude that configuration approach offers promise in better understanding of the performance of NGOs. The study outcomes have rich insights for both scholars and practitioners. We recommend further empirical examinations of strategy elements in the NGO sector.
Key words: Strategy, Resources, Configurations, Performance, Nongovernmental organizations, Intangible
resources, Tangible resources

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