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Abade OE, Kaji K, Kawaguchi N. "Scalable QoS for XCAST using Differentiated Services Architecture." Journal of Information Processing. 2013;21(1).
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Abade OE, Kaji K, Kawaguchi N. "Design, Implementation and Evaluation of a Routing Engine for a multipoint communication protocol: XCAST6." International Journal of Computer Science and Network Security. 2011;11(5):200-209.
Abade OE, Kawaguchi N. " Design and Implementation of an XCAST6 Routing Engine.". In: at the 79th Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF) meeting. Beijing, China; 2010.
Kawaguchi N, Nishiura S, Abade OE, Kurosawa T, Jinmei T, Muramoto E. "NAT free open source 3D video conferencing using SAMTK and application layer router.". In: 6th IEEE Conference on Consumer Communications and Networking Conference. Las Vegas, USA; 2009.

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