Elisha Odira Abade, CISA, PhD.


Nationality: Kenyan

Gender: Male



School of Computing & Informatics, University of Nairobi,

P.O. Box 30197 -00100, Nairobi.




English, Kiswahili and Japanese


Internet and computer communications, Knowledge Engineering, Computer Network security & performance, Wireless communication systems, Mobile & ubiquitous computing, Mobile Ad-hoc Networks, Mobile IP communication, Distributed Systems and Machine Learning.



ITU Youth Education Scholarship (YES)

Japanese Government Scholarship (Monbukagakusho)



Certified Information Systems Auditor (CISA)




Dec 2012 to Date

University of Nairobi, School of Computing and Informatics.


Responsibilities include teaching and research.

I teach the following courses:

Undergraduate courses:

  • Programming and Problem solving
  • Network and Distributed Programming
  • Distributed Systems


Graduate Courses (Masters level):

  • Computer Systems Security
  • Cloud computing and IT outsourcing
  • Computer forensics and Cyber security


 I also guide and supervise both graduate and undergraduate students conducting research and projects in the above areas.


SCI Web Champion:

I am also the web Champion of the School of Computing and Informatics. In this capacity, I assist the director and his deputy in uploading contents to the SCI website and other website maintenance roles with a view to improving the webometric ranking of the University of Nairobi.


Jan 2006 – Nov 2012

University of Nairobi, School of Computing and Informatics.

Senior Software Technologist at Lecturer Grade.

In-charge of computer networks and software systems used for the school’s teaching and research. Duties range from computer networks and software maintenance to quality assurance and quality control  of the software development process (software QA &QC) as conducted by the school’s technical staff for the purposes of teaching, research and consultancy.


Apr 2009 – Nov 2012

Nagoya University, Graduate School of Engineering.

Teaching Assistant  in two courses of;

  • Intelligent Information Networks and
  • Seminar in Computer Engineering


Oct 2005 – Jan 2006

Huawei Technologies Co. Ltd (Kenya).

Data Services and Software Engineer – Intelligent Networks (IN)

In-charge of the implementation of security for both the Intenlligent Networks and data services including end-to-end solutions for:

  • Next Generation Intelligent Networks (NGN IN)
  • Wireless Intelligent Networks (Wireless IN)
  • Fixed Intelligent Networks (Fixed IN)
  • Universal Intelligent Networks (Universal IN)
  • Mobile data services.


Aug 2004 – Sep 2005

Oakar Services Ltd (A subsidiary of ESRI Eastern Africa), Nairobi.

Assistant Systems Administrator.


Administration & maintenance of the company’s computer systems in the LAN

Implementation of Network security using MS Internet Security & Acceleration Server (ISA).

Network performance monitoring

Managing of routers, switches and other active network devices.


Apr 2008 – May 2011

Sakura Sanmic Investments Company Limited,

Co-founder and director of technical services.

I was the chief architect and programmer of the online bus ticketing solution dubbed eManamba. The system uses the key mobile money payment systems in Kenya (M-Pesa, Airtel Money, yu Cash and Orange Money) for real-time payment processing and revenue collection. eManamba was the first system of its kind in Kenya and currently still the only fully realtime bus ticketing solution in operation in the country.




Apr 2007 – Nov 2012

Nagoya University, Japan: Doctor of Engineering in Computational Science and Engineering.

PhD Dissertation Title: Realization of Multipoint Communication over the Internet using XCAST.

PhD research conducted in collaboration with the Widely Integrated Distributed Environment (WIDE) research consortium (


Mar 2010

Nagoya University, Japan: Master of Engineering in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science (Major in Communication Networks).

Master’s Thesis Title: Design, Implementation and Evaluation of a Routing Engine for a Multipoint Communication Protocol: XCAST6.

Masters research conducted in collaboration with the Widely Integrated Distributed Environment (WIDE) research consortium (


Apr 2007 – Mar 2008

Nagoya University, Japan: Research student at the graduate school of Engineering.


Apr 2007 – Oct 2007

Nagoya University, Japan: Attended the Japanese Language School at the Educational Center for International Students (ECIS).


2000 - 2004

University of Nairobi, Kenya: Bachelor of Science in Computer Science (First Class Honours).

Project Title: A corporate communication platform for a distributed computing environment.

1995 - 1998

Kanga High School: Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education (KCSE), mean grade: A





  1. Odira E. Abade, Mbago K. Amwoyo. Multi-Factor Authentication and Secure Integration of Mobile Payments. In proceedings of the second International workshop in Distributed Computing Technology, May 2013, Nairobi, Kenya.


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  1. Nobuo Kawaguchi, Shuntaro Nishiura, Odira Elisha Abade, Takahiro Kurosawa, Tatsuya Jinmei, Eiichi Muramoto . NAT free open source 3D video conferencing using SAMTK and application layer router.  In proceedings of the 6th IEEE Conference on Consumer Communications and Networking Conference, January 2009, Las Vegas, USA


  1. Odira E. Abade,  Nobuo Kawaguchi. Design and Implementation of an XCAST6 Routing Engine. Presentation at the 79th Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF) meeting, November 2010, Beijing, China.


  1. Odira Elisha Abade and Nobuo Kawaguchi.  Design and Implementation of an XCAST6 Routing Engine. An Internet draft published online at the Internet Research Task Force (IRTF) portal (draft-abade-xcast20-routing-engine-spec-00). Presented in the 76th IETF meeting, September 2009, Hiroshima, Japan.


  1. Yuji Imai, Takahiro Kurosawa, Odira Elisha Abade, Nobuo Kawaguchi, Eichi Muramoto. XCAST6 version 2.0 Specifications. An Internet draft published online at the Internet Research Task Force (IRTF) portal (draft-ug-xcast20-protocol-spec-01). Presented in the 76th IETF meeting, September 2009, Hiroshima, Japan.



         i.            Multi-Factor Authentication using Session Constrained Random Passwords – Mbago Kennedy Amwoyo, 2013.


       ii.            Evaluation of Information Security Risk Assessment for Internet Banking among commercial banks in Kenya – Collins Odhiambo Ndalo Jowi, 2013.


      iii.            Using Bayesian network model to simplify discovery of products and services offered by Small scale businesses within Nairobi CBD – Liyosi Collins Kivale, 2013.

     iv.            Analysis of Kenyan academic websites using webometric algorithm – Eric Chomba Ng’ang’a, 2013.

       v.            Mobile-phone based real-time pediatric system for monitoring and visualizing child health – Caroline Mbithe Muteti, 2013.


     vi.            A framework for adoption of Cloud Computing among Financial Institutions in Kenya – Ongige Paul Nyamweya, 2014 (Ongoing)


    vii.            Near Real Time machine driven signature detection, generation and collection – Ngwawe Edwin, 2014(Ongoing)



  1.          i.            June 2014: Capacity Building on Implementation of ISO 27001:2013 – Information Security Management System (ISMS) at Kenya Plant Health Inspectorate Service (KEPHIS).


  1.        ii.            March 2014: Audit of ICT operations at the SACCO Societies Regulatory Authority (SASRA).


  1.       iii.            January 2014: Independent review and Audit of ICT Services at the Kenya National Audit Office (KENAO).


  1.      iv.            July 2013 - To date: Upgrading Electronic Medical Records System (EMR) for HIV AIDS patients care. Contracted by International Training & Education Center for Health (I-TECH) in collaboration with University of Washington, USA while the end client is International Center for AIDS care and Treatment Program in Kenya (ICAP-Kenya) and Columbia University. The project is funded by the American Center for Disease Control (CDC).





  1.          i.            Jan 2006 - Sept. 2012: Senior Software Technologist at University of Nairobi. I in charge of the staff who develop software for teaching and research in the school.
  2.        ii.            August 2004 - Sept. 2005: Implementation of GIS enabled software systems using ESRI ArcGIS, ArcIMS, ArcSDE and ArcGIS Engine at Oakar Services Limited ( Some of the Oakar Services clients handled were FAO-SWALIM, UN Habitat and UNON.
  3.       iii.            Sept. 2005 - Jan 2006: Software and Data Services Engineer at Huawei Technologies Limited. Implemented the Intelligent Billing Platform for Safaricom LTD on behalf of Huawei Technologies.
  4.      iv.            May 2006 - August 2006: Consultant at AccessKenya on Business Process Reengineering system implementation.
  5.        v.            August 2006: Consultant at Sony Sugar Co. Ltd on network security (network recovery and threat analysis).
  6.      vi.            April 2007 - September 2012: A member of the Widely Integreated Distributed Environment (WIDE) research consortium of Japan. Worked in Collaborative projects with Internet Initiative Japan (IIJ).
  7.     vii.            April 2008 - May 2011: A leading systems architect for Sakura Investment Company Limited. A sample key project I accomplished was the development of the online bus ticketing system, eManamba ( which has both mobile and PC versions. eManamba also has a POS subsystem that bus companies use for booking over the counter and automatically synchronizes with the web based platform.
  8.   viii.            Dec 2010 t- May 201: Consulted in GIS for Astana Systems Ltd. Astana specialize in GIS (both web based and conventional applications).
  9.      ix.            May 2010 - June 2010: With a colleague at Nagoya University, Japan, we developed a train time table tracking iPhone application called "eki.locky" currently downloadable as a free application in Apple's Store.



  1.          i.            Software Development (Web and application Programming)
  • I am a competent web and application software developer with practical knowledge of numerous programming and scripting languages including: C, C++, Java, C#, Python and PHP.
  • Some of websites I’ve developed include:

  1.        ii.            Mobile application development
  • I have practical mobile application development for: Mobile web, Android and iOS.
  1.       iii.            Systems Administration
  • I am competent in both Windows and Linux Server systems administration. I understand (and audit) Windows Active Directory system settings and Linux systems configuration.
  1.      iv.            Digital forensics audit
  • In addition to teaching Computer forensics at the University of Nairobi, I have practical knowledge of digital forensics. I a competent forensic analyst with practical knowledge of digital forensics tools such as Autopsy, The Sleuth Kit (TSK) and Linux dd tool.
  1.        v.            Information Security Audit
  • I am a practicing Certified Information Systems Auditor (CISA) with knowledge in Computer Systems Security Audit.
  1.      vi.            Other proficiencies:
  • I have previously participated in content development for online learning materials in the Asia School over Internet project using eLearning platforms such as Blackboard and Moodle.




Prof. William Okelo-Odongo, Director School of Computing & Informatics, University of Nairobi, P.O. Box 30197 – 00100, Nairobi, Kenya, Tel: 4444919. Email:


Prof. Nobuo Kawaguchi, Graduate School of Engineering, Nagoya University, Furo-cho, Chikusa-ku, Nagoya 464-8603, JAPAN.


Prof. Kilnam Chon, Korean Advanced Institute of Science and Technology (KAIST), 335 Gwahak-ro (373-1 Guseong-dong) Yuseong-gu, Daejeon 305-701, Republic of Korea.




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