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Ochwang'i D, Kimwele C, Oduma J, Gathumbi PK, Mbaria J, Kiama S. "Medicinal plants used in treatment and management of cancer in Kakamega County, Kenya." Journal of Ethnopharmacology. 2014;151(3):1040-1055.Website
Ochwang'i DO,.Kimwele CK, Oduma JA, Gathumbi PK, Mbaria JM, Kiama SG. Medicinal plants used in treatment and management of Cancer in Kakamega County,Kenya. 7-10th Dec,Khartoum,Sudan: NAPRECA; 2013.
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Ochwang’i DO, Kimwele CN, Oduma JA, Gathumbi PK, Kiama SG, Efferth T. "Phytochemical screening of medicinal plants of the Kakamega County, Kenya, commonly used against cancer." Med Aromat Plants . 2016;5:277.

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