Kenyan Literature: A Call for Discourse

KIIRU PROFMUCHUGUDH. "Kenyan Literature: A Call for Discourse.". In: The Nairobi Journal of Literature 2 (March 2004): 66-74. Philosophical Issues Invoked by Shona People; 2004.


The article sets out to investigate the question of the identity of Kenyan literature in the context of East Africa, Africa and the Commonwealth. It argues that this literature appears to reflect as it seeks to create and define a national culture because, despite Kenya being a mosaic of peoples and cultures, symbols of nationhood, defined boundaries and memories of the colonial experience continue to shape and mould its sense of national being. Its literature therefore needs to be discussed in the context of exploring its national sensibility, discussing how the nation produces it and how it narrates the nation. This discourse would assist the nation understand itself, unravel the aesthetic ideal the literature embodies, and, hopefully, galvanise the nation for a unity of purpose arising from yearnings for harmonious social relationships the aesthetic ideal embodies.




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