Catalogue without Cards: Kenyan Literary Texts on the World Wide Web

KIIRU PROFMUCHUGUDH. "Catalogue without Cards: Kenyan Literary Texts on the World Wide Web.". In: Journal of the Korean Association of African Studies 23 (June 2006): 117-32. Philosophical Issues Invoked by Shona People; 2006.


This paper presents a case for the need to build a virtual bibliography of Kenyan literature on the World Wide Web; this catalogue without cards will present to the wide audience with access to the internet basic and correct information on this literature. In the course of discussing the place of modern information technology in the world, the paper discusses the Kenyan literary heritage as a form of higher culture reflecting social experiences, capturing the souls of the nation and encapsulating the high ideals of humanism and progress. Further, the paper calls for honesty and sensitivity in the preservation of information on the literary texts, lest this information is laid open to possible distortion, even manipulation, by those who post it on the World Wide Web. Implicitly, the paper makes a case for the need of the developing world




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