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The only thing I had in abundance growing up was access to all manner of books -- my father was a strict educationist. I studied at Geteri Primary School and Kisii School prior to joining the University of Nairobi in October 1999 to study for a BPharm degree. I successfully completed my undergraduate studies in 2003, went through a one-year internship and got registered as a pharmacist in 2005. I was employed in the Ministry of Health as a district pharmacist in Nyando (in the then Nyanza Province) and as a pharmaceutical analyst at the National Quality Control Laboratory from January 2005 up to May 2006. On the 23rd of May 2006, i was employed at the University of Nairobi's Department of Pharmaceutical chemistry as a Tutorial Fellow and immediately enrolled for an MPharm degree. I pursued the degree while working in the department and graduated on December 4th, 2009. Shortly thereafter, in February 2010, I proceeded on study leave to the University of Cape Town (UCT) for PhD research in the area of drug discovery. My research involved the design, synthesis and evaluation of amodiaquine analogues with a potentially improved safety profile. My PhD thesis and publications arising from this fascinating research are available online. I completed my PhD in 2013 and returned to the Department of Pharmaceutical Chemistry on November 22nd, 2013.  I was awarded the PhD (in absentia) at a graduation ceremony held at UCT's imposing Jammieson Hall on June 12th, 2014. On the 28th of June 2014, I was appointed as a lecturer in the Department of Pharmaceutical Chemistry. Currently, I give lectures to undergraduate and postgraduate pharmacy students and conduct research mainly in the areas of drug quality control at the University of Nairobi.

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