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Nzele David Nzomo was born in 1939 and is married to Juliana Ndanu Nzomo. They have three children, Brian Muusi, Joy Mutheu, and Tele. Prof. Nzomo earned a B.A in 1965 from Fisk University, Nashville, Tennessee a M.B.A. in 1967 from New York University, an M.A. in 1970 from Columbia University, and an Ed.D. in 1973, also from Columbia University in New York, U.S.A. Prof. Nzomo currently serves as professor of accounting with the School of Business at the University of Nairobi. Prior to that, he served as an associate professor of accounting and a senior lecturer at the University of Nairobi. He also served as assistant professor of accounting and assistant professor of business at Stockton State College in new Jersey, U.S.A. From 2004 to the present, he serves as a professor of Accounting at the University of Nairobi, where he lectures for graduate and undergraduate courses. He supervised numerous graduate students, including G.S. Mzenge (“Employee Performance Appraisal at the Teachers’ Service Commission”), A.S. Mohamed (“Evaluation of Internal Control: Ethiopian Airlines Branch Office”), N.M. Runyenje (The Impact of Capital Gains Taxation on the Prices of Ordinary Shares of Selected Enterprises in the Nairobi Stock Exchange”), J.M. Kiweu (“The Behavior of Share Prices in the Nairobi Stock Exchange : An Empirical Investigation”), and A.A. Kinya (“Financial Disclosure Requirements by Public Companies in Kenya”).


During his time as Dean of the Faculty of Commerce at the University of Nairobi , Prof. Nzomo changed the M.B.A. thesis requirement to the current management project report that he formulated, designed, and instituted the “Insurance Option “ within the B.Com. program, and he also designed, wrote and organized the faculty publication of a Research and Writing manual for Commerce students. Since June 2006, he has served as coordinator of the Ph.D studies program at the School of Business, and from 1987 until the present, he has served as a patron of the Accounting Students Association, which produces an annual magazine, The student Accountant. Since June 2000, he has served as an external examiner to Africa Nazarene University, Department of Accounting, Business and Finance, and from June 1999 to June 2002, he served as an external examiner with Makerere University Business School in Uganda. From March 1997 to March 2001, Prof. Nzomo served as an external examiner to the Catholic University of Eastern Africa in Kenya.


Prof. Nzomo has ha numerous book published including Education for Jobs: A study in Occupational Kenyanization (1978, reprint 2003) A Manual for Research and Writing (1980), The Social-Economic Consequences of Kenya’s Changed Formal Education Structure (1984), Advanced Financial Accounting (1985, revised 1992) and Commerce and Industry (1989). Some of his articles include” Accounting for Stock Dividends” (Spectrum, vol, 7.1978) “The Accounting Profession in Kenya”(Journal of the Association of Certified Public Accountants, 1979), “The Future of an Indigenous Accounting Profession For Kenya



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