Othieno C J. Psychiatry of HIV/AIDS. East Afr Med J. 2003 Oct;80(10):501-2.

JOSEPH DROTHIENOCALEB. "Othieno C J. Psychiatry of HIV/AIDS. East Afr Med J. 2003 Oct;80(10):501-2.". In: East Afr Med J. 2003 Oct;80(10):501-2. Equinet; 2003.


Following the death of 67 boys in a fire tragedy at Kyanguli School in rural Kenya, the level of traumatic grief was assessed in a sample of 164 parents and guardians whose sons died in the fire. The study was cross-sectional. Counseling services were offered to all the bereaved parents soon after the tragedy. The subjects were interviewed using the Traumatic Grief Scale. A group of 92 parents/guardians was interviewed 2 months after the event, while the other group of 72 was assessed 7 days later. The second group of bereaved parents also completed the Self Rating Questionnaire (SRQ) and the Ndetei-Othieno-Kathuku scale (NOK). Over 90% of parents from both groups had a yearning for the departed and found themselves searching for him quite often. There was no much difference in terms of symptoms profile or intensity between the two groups. It appears that the counseling offered had minimal impact on the levels of distress.




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