A graduate of Bachelor of Veterinary Medicine, became interested in Physiology taking an MSc in comparative mammalian physiology, studying the effects of the growth hormone on the Nile crocodile, Crocodiylus niloticus. Was a commonwealth Scholar , undertaking Ph.D that studied the unique mating system if the ostrich, Struthio camelus maasaicus using molecular short tandem microsatellite markers. Currently interested in molecular genetics and have been engaged in research in the areas of quantitative trait loci (QTL) for trypanotolerance in N’dama and Boran backcross cattle under natural tsetse challenge; assessment of genetic diversity of a small fragmented and endangered population of the east african bongo antelope (tragelaphus eurycerus isaaci) using molecular genetic markers; estimating the prevalence of bushmeat utilisation in Kenya; elephant forensics and genetics and ENOS gene expression in differentiation of myofibroblast associated with pulmonary fibrosis.

Served as an adjunct Professor and a Visiting Scott Professor of Physiology at Western Kentucky University; Was Chairman, Youth for Conservation; Scientific Advisor – Kenya Coalition for Wildlife Conservation and Management (KCWCM); served as Chairman, Board of Directors and Scientific Advisor, Africa Network for Animal Welfare and Member; member, Board of Directors, ANAW-US; Member, Policy Committee,  AWAKE (Animal Welfare Action Kenya); Member,  Faculty of Veterinary Medicine Biosafety,  Animal Use, Care and Ethics committee; WSPA/African consultant – Research, Policy and International Relationships. Currently Vice-Chairman of the Ministerial Task force on animal welfare Policy and Legislation.

Areas Of Specialization

Molecular Genetics

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