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Christopher Chepken is a seasoned trainer, lecturer and researcher in the field of Computer Science, specializing in ICT4D, Computer and cyber Security, Software engineering, mobile application development and data science. Having done ICT4D/ICTD research and consultancy in urban commuting challenges-telecommuting; Software Engineering; Health; Agriculture and Business process outsourcing, Christopher brings a wealth of considerable experience in carrying out ICT and development related work. He has experience both as a practitioner and as a researcher from East and Southern African countries. On innovation and current computing trends, Christopher has gained considerable experience in data collection, cleaning and analytics. He is also an experienced mentor and jurist on matters innovation, having worked with the Kenya innovation agency Innovation award program for three years.

Besides teaching, research and consultancy, Christopher is involved in administrative task of the University, the current one being the Coordinator for the four Masters programmes at the Department of Computing and Informatics, University of Nairobi. He also gets involved in conference organizations, some which include the prestigious ACM AfriCHI ( and ICTD. Other notable experiences are in cyber security practice and training at both academic and industry level.

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