Contraceptives, clients and the medical profession. Kenya Nurs J. 1972 Jun;1(1):48-50.

S PROFKIGONDUCHRISTINE. "Contraceptives, clients and the medical profession. Kenya Nurs J. 1972 Jun;1(1):48-50.". In: Kenya Nurs J. 1972 Jun;1(1):48-50. uon press; 1972.


PIP: Masturbatory semen specimen from 49 fertile Black African males in Kenya whose wives were pregnant was obtained after at least 3 days of abstinence for the analysis of parameters which included volume motility, vitality, sperm concentration, pH, fructose and acid phosphatase levels. About 1/2 the spermatozoa was actively progressive in motility, while 40% was nonmotile. Vitality in the 1st hour revealed that 81.4% of the sperm was alive. About 90% of the semen specimens had more than 40% idea forms of spermatozoa. Spermatozoal abnormalities were a frequent feature. There was no correlation between age and the testicular volume, but seminal fluid volume and sperm density tended to decrease with age. Serum levels of Follicle Stimulating Hormone, Luteinizing Hormone, Prolactin and Testosterone were determined in the subjects' sera, enabling the establishment of reference values for these parameters in African Kenyan males.




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