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Maina SM, Gitao CG, Gathumbi PK. "Hematological, Serological and Virological Findings in Sheep and Goats Experimentally infected with Lineage III Peste Des petits Ruminants Virus isolates in Kenya." Journal of Experimental Biology and Agricultural Science. 2015;3(1):81-88.
Kihu. SM, Gitao. CG, Bebora. LC, Njenga. MJ, G.G. Wairire, Maingi. N, Wahome. RG. "Appraisal of Pese des petitis ruminants disease by Turkana Pastoral community of Turkana County in Kenya." American Journal of Research Communication. 2014;2(10):186-214.kihu_vol210.pdf
Kihu SK, Gitao CG, Bebora LC, Munene JN, Wairire GD, Maingi N, Wahome RG, Karanja DN, Oyugi JO, e. Lutomia. "Clinical.pathological and Molecular investigations of Peste des Petits Ruminants virus infection from Turkana County in Kenya." British Journal of Virology. 2014;1(3):98-102.bjv_1_3_98-102.pdf

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