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N PROFOGOLAELIJAHS, OTIENO PROFOGUTUELLY. "Lore W, Muita AK, Ogola ES.The efficacy and tolerability of enalapril–hydrochlorothiazide combination as a first line therapy in black patients with mild to moderate arterial hypertension: a clinical study in Kenya.East Afr Med J. 1992 Jan;69(1):18-21.". In: East Afr Med J. 1992 Jan;69(1):18-21. Journal of British Ceramic Transactions, 99 [5], 206-211.; 1992. Abstract
The study aimed at evaluating tolerability and efficacy of the combination enalapril 20 mg with hydrochlorothiazide 12.5 mg (co-renitec) as first line therapy in black patients with mild to moderate primary hypertension. Fifty patients completed a twelve weeks of open clinical study preceded by two weeks of washout period. They were evaluated every four weeks and haematological, biochemical urine microscopy and electrocardiographic tests were undertaken before the start and after the completion of study. Pre-treatment values of mean systolic blood pressure (SBP) and diastolic blood pressure (DBP) were 172.16 mm hg (+/- 20.41) and 104.38 mm hg (+/- 7.339) respectively. The usual daily dosage was one tablet which was increased to two after eight weeks in case the DBP was not normalized, i.e. less than or equal to 95 mm hg. In 44 (88%) patients, the DBP was normalised at the end of the study period; three patients (6%) were resistant to treatment and another three (6%) exhibited labile response to the treatment. Clinical tolerance was considered to be very good with only five episodes of headache, backache and anxiety, probably not related to the test drug. Biological tolerance was excellent: there was no change in the haematologic parameters; there was a decrease of 5% in mean blood urea, of 9% in the mean serum creatinine and of 4% in the mean serum uric acid and a 5% increase in plasma potassium from 3.99 to 4.28 mmol/l.(ABSTRACT TRUNCATED AT 250 WORDS)
OTIENO PROFOGUTUELLY. "Lule G.N., Sang F., Ogutu E.O. Helicobacter Pylori in peptic ulcer disease. E. Afr. Med. J. 68: 324, 1991.". In: East Afr Med J. 1991 May;68(5):324-7. Journal of British Ceramic Transactions, 99 [5], 206-211.; 1991. Abstract
Department of Medicine, University of Nairobi. Sixty six patients with dyspeptic symptoms underwent upper gastrointestinal endoscopy and biopsies for Helicobacter pylori culture. The number of H. pylori isolated increased with age reaching a peak at 51 to 60 years of age. Antral gastritis closely followed by duodenitis accounted for the highest number of H. pylori isolated, (87.5% and 85.7% respectively). In patients with duodenal ulceration only, 57% had H. pylori isolated from their antral biopsies, a result that was just slightly higher than that where no endoscopic diagnosis was made (50%).
N PROFLULEGODFREY, OTIENO PROFOGUTUELLY. "Lule GN, Obiero ET, Ogutu EO.Factors that influence the short term outcome of upper gastrointestinal bleeding at Kenyatta National Hospital. East Afr Med J. 1994 Apr;71(4):240-5.". In: East Afr Med J. 1994 Jan;71(1):44-8. Journal of British Ceramic Transactions, 99 [5], 206-211.; 1994. Abstract
Between April 1990 to January 1991, a prospective study of 97 consecutive patients admitted to the medical wards of Kenyatta National Hospital with upper gastrointestinal haemorrhage was done. All the patients studied under went upper gastrointestinal endoscopy within 24 hours of presentation and a positive endoscopic diagnosis was possible in 90 (93%) of the patients studied. The leading causes of bleeding were oesophageal varices in 34 (35%) patients, duodenal ulceration in 17 (17.5%) patients, and superficial inflammatory lesions in 17 (17.5%) patients. 17 (17.5%) patients had multiple lesions with superficial inflammation and oesophageal varices as the commonest combination. In 86 (88%) patients, bleeding settled on simple conservative measures which included intravenous fluids, blood transfusion and antacids. Further haemorrhage was observed in 11 (11.3%) patients. Tachycardia (> 100/minute), hypotension (systolic BP < 100mm Hg) and low haemoglobin (< 8 g/dl) at admission were all correlated with a poor outcome. Variceal bleeding had the worst prognosis and the overall mortality rate was 5%.
OTIENO PROFOGUTUELLY. "Lule GN, Ogutu EO, Okoth F, Were JB, Wambugu M.Sclerotherapy in the treatment of bleeding oesophageal varices: preliminary report. East Afr Med J. 1988 Jun;65(6):416-20. Review. No abstract available.". In: East Afr Med J. 1989 Dec;66(12):830-3. Journal of British Ceramic Transactions, 99 [5], 206-211.; 1988. Abstract
The mean fasting insulin level in 30 apparently normal Kenyan Africans was determined by Radio-Immuno Assay (RIA) technique based on coat A-count. The mean value was found as 16.33 microIu/ml with a standard deviation (s.d) of 10.51 microIu/ml. The mean at 95% confidence interval (CI) for the population studied was 16.33 +/- 1.92. The findings are similar to what have been reported among the caucasians. This paper also reports on a case of insulinoma in a young female patient at Kenyatta National Hospital (KNH).
OTIENO PROFOGUTUELLY. "Lule GN, Okoth F, Ogutu EO, Mwai SJ.HBV markers (HBsAg, HBSAb, HBCAb in 160 medical students at Kenyatta National Hospital. East Afr Med J. 1989 May;66(5):315-8.". In: East Afr Med J. 1989 Jan;66(1):10-4. Journal of British Ceramic Transactions, 99 [5], 206-211.; 1989. Abstract
In an exercise to study the immunogenicity and reactogenicity of the Engerix B vaccine, 160 medical students were screened for Hepatitis B Markers (HBsAg, HBsAb and HBcAb) with a view to vaccinating those that were negative. 18% were HBsAg + ve, 33% were HBsAb + ve and 38% were positive for the HBcAb. These figures were extremely high and obviated the need to vaccinate the students as they begin their clinical years.
OLONDE PROFAMAYOERASTUS, OTIENO PROFOGUTUELLY. "Lwai-Lume L, Ogutu EO, Amayo EO, Kariuki S.Drug susceptibility pattern of Helicobacter pylori in patients with dyspepsia at the Kenyatta National Hospital, Nairobi.East Afr Med J. 2005 Dec;82(12):603-8.". In: East Afr Med J. 2005 Dec;82(12):603-8. Journal of British Ceramic Transactions, 99 [5], 206-211.; 2005. Abstract
OBJECTIVE: To determine drug susceptibility pattern of Helicobacter pylori to metronidazole, clarithromycin, amoxicillin and tetracycline in patients presenting with dyspepsia at the Kenyatta National Hospital. DESIGN: Cross-sectional descriptive study. SETTING: Kenyatta National Hospital, Nairobi. SUBJECTS: Two hundred and sixty-seven patients aged 15 to 85 years, presenting with dyspepsia and referred for upper gastro-intestinal endoscopy were recruited into the study. RESULTS: Between October 2003 and April 2004, 138 male and 129 female patients aged 15-85 years, with a mean age of 45.4 years were studied. Gastritis was the most common endoscopic finding, occurring in 55%, followed by normal-looking mucosa in 27% and peptic ulcer disease in 16% of the patients. The rapid urease test was positive in 184 patients (69%). The culture yield was 62% of these CLO (Campylobacter like organisms) positive biopsies. The MIC90 (minimum inhibitory concentration) was 256 mg/l for metronidazole, 1.5 mg/l for clarithromycin, 1.5 mg/l for tetracycline and 0.75 mg/l for amoxicillin. The MIC values for amoxicillin were significantly higher in the female patients (p = 0.02) but showed no significant variation for age. The MIC values for metronidazole, tetracycline and clarithromycin showed no significant difference for age or gender. MIC values for tetracycline were significantly higher for patients with duodenitis and duodenal ulcer p = 0.009 and 0.02, respectively. CONCLUSION: All isolated H. pylori organisms were resistant to metronidazole. The susceptibility of the H. pylori isolates was 93.6% for clarithromycin, 95.4% for amoxicillin and 98.1% for tetracycline. The MIC90 for amoxicillin and clarithromycin were found to be close to the upper limit of the susceptibility range. There was a rising MIC90 for tetracycline and metronidazole compared to that found in a previous study in 1991.

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