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Dr. Bernard M. Ndungu holds a BSc (Honours) in Human Anatomy, MBChB and MMed (Surgery) degrees from the University of Nairobi, a Diploma in Minimal Access Surgery (MAS) from the World Association of Laparoscopic Surgeons (WALS); The Laparoscopy Hospital in New Delhi, India.  He has received additional training in Laparoendoscopic   Gastrointestinal (GI) and Hernia surgery from the Asia-Pacific region, mainly India. He is a Kenya Medical and Practitioners board Certified General and Laparoscopic surgeon attending at Kenyatta National Hospital.  Dr. Ndungu is a Lecturer and the current thematic head of Microscopic Anatomy (Histology) in the Department of Human Anatomy where he has taught for about two decades. He has a profound interest in the Medical education and training of the Surgical Anatomy and Anatomical   Surgery of Abdominal wall and esophageal hiatus hernias, Breast and GI Oncology with special emphasis on innovation, modern technics and the new frontier of Minimal Access Surgery and Nanotechnology.

His current interests are in basic , Clinical and Surgical Anatomy  especially in the field of hernias. He is a; 

  • Kenya Medical Dentist and Practitioners Board certified specialist in General & Laparoscopic Surgery
  • Attending surgeon at Kenyatta National Hospital
  • Founding and current chairman, Hernia Society of Kenya


  • Surgical Society of Kenya (SSK)
  • Hernia Society of Kenya (HSK)
  • Kenya Medical Association (KMA)
  • Asia Pacific Hernia Society (APHS)
  • Geneva Foundation of Medical Education and Research (GFMER)


  • Basic Laparoscopy Skills course EISE  New Delhi
  • Advanced Laparoscopy training  Apollo, Sir Ganga Ram & Global Hospitals, Delhi 2007, 2008, 2012
  • Stapling and endoscopic suturing 2007
  • Laparoscopic Hernia Repair workshops, Singapore 2007, South Korea 2011, Berlin 2010
  • GI Endoscopy 2009
  • Use of Election Microscopy in science 2007


  • Bassini prize; Best Oral Presentation at the 4th Asia Pacific Hernia Society in Beijing China, 2008
  • Reviewer; Three Peer reviewed Journals
  • Diplomate Shield; World Association of Laparoscopic Surgeons; New Delhi, 2007


  • ASC of SSK (2003 - 2013)
  • ASEA/COSESCA regional meeting 2009
  • Oncology Experience Africa 2010
  • World Hernia Congress, Berlin Germany 2009
  • Asia Pacific Hernia Society International Congress 2007, 2008, 2011


1)      Maranga, B. W.                 MMED; 2009

2)      Koech C BSc (Anat); 2005

3)      Tharao M. K. BSc (Anat); 2005

4)      Bundi BSc (Anat); 2006

5)      Kitunguu BSc (Anat); 2006

6)      Mburu BSc (Anat); 2007

7)      Sinkeet BSc (Anat); 2009

8)      Hemed BSc (Anat); 2010

9)      Njongo BSc (Anat); 2008

10)   Nderitu BSc(Anat); 2012


Dissertation Supervised – ongoing

1)      Two BSC (Anat) 2013


1)      THE Hernia Registry; A collaboration with Johnson& Johnson

2)   National Chapter Hernia Society of Kenya establishment in collaboration with Afromiddle East Hernia Society (AMESH)


Founder and Chair – Breast Disease Initiative group in collaboration with WHO Kenya office 2007 (link)

Secretary Kigumo Ventures, voluntary profesional organization for rural development


-     Patient education of risk or predisposing factors to cancer transformation in breast, prostrate, cervix and gastrointenstinal system i.e. esophagus, stomach, colon and rectum.

-   Self-evaluation and early reporting advocacy for breast disease (BSE) and “danger” symptoms for colon; prostate, esophagus and stomach

- Clinical screening programmes for common cancers – Breast, prostate, , gastrointestinal, hepatopancreatiobiliary

-   Advising and encouraging interventional screening programmes – laboratory and radiological for malignancies in these systems including

  1.    Screening mammography
  2.    FOBT for colon
  3.    Screening Endoscopies
  4.    Biochemical screening
  5.     Cytological Screening

-   Early detection diagnosis and intervention of these common conditions leading to more favourable outcomes

- Prompt and corrects palliative advice and care for late presentations. 


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