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Wagaiyu, EG, Nzioka BM, Nyaga JK.  1993.  The relationship between tooth brushing frequency and personal higiene habits in teenagers. Abstract

A Survey of 904, 14•17 year old school children from secondary schools around Nairobi was dose to find out if there was any relationship between toothbrushing frequency and person •• 1 hygeine habits. The students completed a questionnaire anonymously in class. Female students brushed their teeth more often than the male students. 62.2% of the females and 50.1 % of the males brushed their teeth more than once a day. Of those students who brushed their teeth more than once a day, 52% bathed daily, 22% used perfumes/deodorants daily and 50.1 % always washed their hands after visiting the lavatory. No relationship was found between washing of hair and toothbrushing frequency, 69.7% males and 53.2% females gave toothache and toothdecay as the main reasons for mouth care. Those who brushed their teeth more frequently also visited the medical doctor regularly for routine check-ups. These findings indicated that toothbrushing was closely related to personal hygeine habits.

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