Mr.Bidan M Waithaka

He Was a Driver Grade II in the Department of Land Resource Management and Technology. He holds an ordinary level certificate and a Kenya Certificate of Primary School Education. She has 18 years’ experience working in the University of Nairobi. He has a driving licence of grade ABCDE.



Rashid, K;, Waithaka K.  1985.  The effect of phosphorous fertilization on growth and tuberization of sweet potato, ipomoea Batatas L.. Abstract

A study was conducted to investigate the effect of phosphorus fertilizer levels on the growth and tuberization of two sweet potato cultivars. P did not cause any significant influence on growth or yield of vines and tubers in either cultivar. Cv. I (Musinya) produced significantly longer and a higher yield of vines than cv. II (Gikanda), but the latter produced a significantly higher yield and number of tubers than the former. There was no significant difference in dry matter accumulation in the tubers of both cultivars at all P levels and the control. However, cv. I accumulated significantly higher dry matter in the vines than cv. II, whereas cv. II accumulated significantly higher dry matter in tubers than cv. I during both seasons but P fertilization did not influence the accumulation.

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