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Lilly Caroline Levi Bebora is a University of Nairobi Professor Emeritus in the Department of Veterinary Pathology, Microbiology and Parasitology (VPMP), a veterinarian with two specialities:-Veterinary microbiology (including zoonotic and food microbiology and antimicrobial susceptibility testing) and Poultry disease diagnosis, treatment and prevention. She has lectured on the respective disciplines to students taking Bachelor of veterinary medicine, BSc in Biomedical technology, BSc in Wildlife diseases, BSc in Fisheries, and BSc in Leather science, including their respective Postgraduate levels, for 44 years (1976-2021). She has researched extensively and has now published 97 papers in peer-reviewed journals and presented 66 papers in conferences and seminars. She has supervised, and is still supervising, several postgraduate students at MSc and PhD levels. She has served as external examiner at undergraduate and postgraduate levels in Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania and Zimbabwe. She has served as Chairperson of department of VPMP for six years and Chairperson of the University of Nairobi, Faculty of veterinary medicine postgraduate studies committee for six years. As part of University of Nairobi @ 50 celebrations, she was recognized as one of the achievers for the department of VPMP, Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, College of Agriculture and Veterinary Sciences. In 2021 International women’s day celebrations, she was recognized by the CS-Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock, Fisheries and Cooperatives as one of the top 25 Kenyan women behind Agriculture sector growth, reforms and transformation. She is a member of Kenya Veterinary board (KVB); Kenya Veterinary association (KVA); and Kenya Academy of Sciences. She was one of Board directors of the Kenya veterinary vaccines institute (KEVEVAPI) for six years (October 2015 to December 2021). She is actively involved in the world-wide fight towards reduction of antimicrobial usage for subsequent reduction of antimicrobial resistance (AMR). She is a member of the National antimicrobial stewardship interagency committee (NASIC) – Kenya; was part of the taskforce that formulated the AMR National policy, AMR National action plan and AMR National surveillance strategy; she was also part of the FAO-AMR surveillance Technical Advisory Group for Eastern Africa for one year (2020 to 2021). She has co-authored 8 books. As Professor Emeritus, she continues to support and mentor departmental students and staff on microbiology and poultry medicine.

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