Hilbert space

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Njagi L, Nzimbi BM, Moindi SK. "ON FINITE DIMENSIONAL HILBERT SPACE FRAMES, DUAL AND NORMALIZED FRAMES AND PSEUDO-INVERSE OF THE FRAME OPERATOR." Journal of Advance Research in Mathematics And Statistics (ISSN: 2208-2409). 2018;5(11):11-14. AbstractWebsite

In this research paper we do an introduction to Hilbert space frames. We also discuss various frames in the Hilbert space. A frame is a generalization of a basis. It is useful, for example, in signal processing. It also allows us to expand Hilbert space vectors in terms of a set of other vectors that satisfy a certain condition. This condition guarantees that any vector in the Hilbert space can be reconstructed in a numerically stable way from its frame coe? cients. Our focus will be on frames in? nite dimensional spaces.

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