The Power of Education and Awareness Towards the COVID-19 Crisis

‘Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world’.
Nelson Mandela

Globally, the last few weeks have been the peak of great awareness and education on COVID-19. This virus needs to be better understood from a layman’s point in order to make information easily disseminated, especially on the African continent. African countries need to provide continuous education and awareness to their populations on the need to keep social distancing, washing hands with sanitisers or soap frequently and wearing masks.

Magaret Kagina

Francis Okumu

irene osoro


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Why you need a Fire Safety Consultant

Much as property can be insured and replaced in case of loss occasioned by a fire disaster, unfortunately this does not apply to loss of life. It is vitally important to ensure that existing or upcoming buildings are assessed by a fire safety risk assessment consultant, to determine the efficiency of:

(i) Fire detection systems - e.g. smoke detectors, uv detectors
(ii) Fire suppression systems
(iii) Smoke extraction systems
(iv) Evacuation systems in relation to standard egress timings

About Architecture in Africa TM

Architecture is about setting marks.


Plugholing is a phenomenon that can drastically compromise the efficiency of mechanical smoke extraction by increasing the smoke layer height (Click figure to view), as shown by figure on the right. This increase in smoke layer height may endanger the lives of the evacuees. Plugholing is usually a result of poor design of the mechanical ventilation systems. Computational modelling (CFD) is recommended for a proper design of the mechanical ventilation systems. Please do not hesitate to contact Ernest on +254(0)729151906, for more details on CFD approach.

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