Muthoka, B, Mwabora JM, Domtau DL, Simiyu J, Ayieta EO.  2016.  Optical and Electrical Properties Dependence on Thickness of Screen-Printed TiO2 Thin Films. Journal of Materials Physics and Chemistry. Abstract

Effect of film thickness on the optical and electrical properties of TiO 2 thin films were
studied. Thin films of different thicknesses were deposited by screen printing method on
fluorine doped tin oxide coated on glass substrate. The film thickness was determined by
surface profile measurement. The thicknesses were 3.2, 8.2, 13.5 and 18.9 µm.
Transmittance, reflectance and absorbance spectra were studied using UV-VIS-NIR
spectrophotometer in the photon wavelength range of 300-1500 nm for transmittance and …

Domtau, DL, Simiyu J, Ayieta EO, Asiimwe GM, Mwabora JM.  2016.  Influence of Pore Size on the Optical and Electrical Properties of Screen Printed Thin Films. Advances in Materials Science and Engineering. Abstract

Influence of pore size on the optical and electrical properties of TiO2 thin films was studied.
TiO2 thin films with different weight percentages (wt%) of carbon black were deposited by
screen printing method on fluorine doped tin oxide (FTO) coated on glass substrate. Carbon
black decomposed on annealing and artificial pores were created in the films. All the films
were 3.2 µm thick as measured by a surface profiler. UV-VIS-NIR spectrophotometer was
used to study transmittance and reflectance spectra of the films in the photon wavelength …

Mwabora, JM, Domtau DL, Simiyu J, Muthoka B, Nyakiti LO.  2016.  Effects of TiO2 Film Thickness and Electrolyte Concentration on Photo-voltaic Performance of dye Sensitized Solar Cell.. Surface Review and Letters.


J Carvell, E Ayieta, A Gavrin RCVRSSP, A Gavrin, Ruihua Cheng, Shah VR, Sokol P.  2010.  Magnetic properties of iron nanoparticle. Journal of Applied Physics. 107(10):103913. Abstract

Magnetic properties of Fe nanoparticles with different sizes synthesized by a physical
deposition technique have been investigated experimentally. We have used a high pressure
sputtering technique to deposit iron nanoparticles on a silicon substrate. The nanoparticles
are then analyzed using atomic force microscopy (AFM), transmission electron microscopy
(TEM), and superconducting quantum interference device techniques. TEM and AFM data
show that the particle size could be tuned by adjusting the deposition conditions. The …

Losovyj, YB, Ruihua Cheng, J Carvell, E Ayieta.  2010.  Angle resolved photoemission study of surface states on the Pt (997) vicinal surface. Physics Letters A. 374(30):3080-3083. Abstract

One-dimensional atomic chains can be synthesized on stepped surfaces and the electronic
structure of the high vicinal surface plays an essential role in determining the physical
properties of atomic chains grown on top of it. We have applied surface analysis techniques
to study the surface of a Pt (997) single crystal. The STM image of the surface showed that
the surface was uniform with a well defined distance between the terraces. Angle resolved
photoemission spectroscopy (ARPES) was used to characterize the electronic states of …

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