Three Steroidal Alkaloids from Buxus hildebrandtii.

Yenesew A., Atta-Ur-Raman, M. Alam NDHE. "Three Steroidal Alkaloids from Buxus hildebrandtii." Phytochemistry . 1990;29 :1293-1296.


From the leaves of Buxus hildebrandtii three new steroidal alkaloids have been isolated and their structures determined by spectroscopic analysis. The following derived names have been suggested for these new alkaloids: O(30)-benzoyl-16-deoxybuxidienine-C, 30-hydroxybuxamine-A and 30-norbuxamine-A. In addition the known alkaloids cyclomicrobuxamine, buxamine-A, cyclobuxoviridine, moenjodaramine, buxamine-C and cyclorolfeine were also isolated.

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