Behavior Change: An Assessment of Correctional Counselling

Gatotoh AM. Behavior Change: An Assessment of Correctional Counselling . Saarbr├╝cken, Germany: Lap Academic publishing; 2011.

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This book presents a synopsis of correctional approaches to behavior change. The background presented in this book explores the paradox of incarceration and correctional approaches for behavior change. It presents the three main shifts that have become apparent in correctional philosophy spanning over 100 years. It highlights a review of literature on correctional counseling detailing the application in correction of behavior. The book is based on a study carried out in selected correctional facilities in Kenya. The results of the study presented in this book discuss the requisites for transformation of correctional facilities from custodial to correctional orientations. The book will assist Criminologists, Forensic Scientists, Law Enforcement Officers and the total Criminal Justice System to have access to scientific information that will help them to succeed in transforming correctional facilities in line with the emerging demands. The book will be a useful guide to students of psychology, counseling, criminology, probation, rehabilitation, juvenile delinquency as well as educationist and researchers interested in behavior change.

LAP Lambert Academic Publishing

ISBN 978-3-8433-8456-8, paperback, 92 Pages

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