AM, G.  2013.  Pedagogical Integration of ICT: An Evaluation of Programmes and Software usage for teaching and learning in selected institutions in Kenya, 18th April 2013. The Academic Conference in the School of Continuing and Distance Education 2013. , Kikuyu Campus Abstract

The paper is based on the findings the Panafrican Research Agenda The purpose of the Panafrican Research Agenda on the Pedagogical Integration of ICT was to contribute to the broadening of knowledge of ICT usage in learning institutions. The research project aimed at enabling stakeholders better understand how the pedagogical integration of ICT can improve the quality of teaching and learning in Africa. This paper therefore presents an analysis of data collected in 10 Kenyan institutions. The paper focuses on the programmes and software usage and the impact on teaching and learning. It aims at exploring in detail the current impact of ICT usage in schools exploring the computer programmes, software and packages used in teaching and learning. A multi -case approach was used where by ten institutions were selected using similar procedures to allow comparison between the cases. The study used a mixed method approach. This approach borrows from diverse methodologies and facilitates triangulation of data. For every indicator understudy, information was gathered using three different questionnaires and directed interview schedules: The educator questionnaire for teachers, the administrative questionnaire for institutional heads the learner interview schedule and the parent’s interview schedule. The questionnaires and interviews were followed by focus group discussions with the respondents. The interviews and discussions were recorded while the videotaped classroom observations later encoded and analyzed. Data was then validated by a national team before it was uploaded to the Panafrican observatory. The findings presented in this paper are based on data uploaded on the Panafrican Research Agenda Observatory
Keywords: ICT in education, pedagogical integration,


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