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Research Interests

My main research includes an analysis of tax law in the context of state building in developing countries. I specifically approach the use of taxation from the perspective of alleviation of poverty and spearheading of development utilizing human rights as a tax spending policy.  My approach is tempered with the law and society school of thought and includes how one engages with taxation in developing countries in order to build a self-sufficient fiscal state. States analysed to date includes Kenya, Tanzania, Rwanda and South Africa as well as Africa as a whole as well as parts of the Asian sub-continent like Bangladesh.

My additional research interests includes rights of the marginalised and minorities specifically religious minorities and women.

Current Research

I am currently researching on financing the right to health utilizing domestic resource mobilisation as well as the impact that capital flight has on developing countries especially in Africa as well as the impact that global wealth chains have on the loss of tax resources from developing countries

Area Of Specialisation

  1. Tax Law and Development
  2. Human rights
  3. Islamic Law


I supervise undergraduate, masters and PhD students with interests in taxation, public procurement, economy, development, poverty alleviation as well as Islamic law

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