Survey on the Utilization of Weather Information and Products for Selected Districts in Kenya

Muthama NJ, W.B. Masieyi, R. E O, Opere AO. "Survey on the Utilization of Weather Information and Products for Selected Districts in Kenya." J Meteorol Rel Sci. 2012;6: 51-58.


This study summarizes the results of a pilot survey on utilization of weather information and products for selected districts in Kenya and the response of users to Kenya Meteorological Department’s (KMD) weather products on how members of the public obtain, perceive, use, and value weather services. Questionnaires were used to conduct sample surveys on three distinct populations comprising of general public, enterprises and public officials. The survey (288 respondents were interviewed in June 2007) indicated that people use weather information for a variety of activities ranging from crop farming to road transport. Most people identified crop-farming as the activity most vulnerable to weather. Majority of people indicated that they are willing to spend money on weather information, including value added products an indication that KMD should add value to its products and services. The overall assessment of KMD’s performance in terms of provision of weather information was rated as above average. The results from this survey suggest that there is need for KMD to brand its products. The effective dissemination and awareness of the availability and use of weather information should be promoted through a partnership between KMD and local media. Most respondents feel that the government should put in place policies on monitoring, processing and dissemination of weather information with more emphasis on dissemination. Regulatory measures are also necessary and critical in the development of new weather information dissemination strategies.

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