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Dr. Mwangi, currently lecturer and Head of the Applied Nutrition Programme Unit, is a Doctor of Human Nutrition and Biotechnology from Wageningen University, Netherlands, and has a Master of Science Degree in Applied Human Nutrition, University of Nairobi. She is also an alumnus of the African Nutrition Leadership Training Programme (ANLP), a member of the African Nutrition Society (ANS) and an elected council member of the Kenya Nutritionists and Dieticians Institute. Her specializations are in the areas of food and nutrition security; health and micronutrient status; nutritional epidemiology; nutritional surveillance in emergencies; and management, monitoring and evaluation of food, nutrition and health related projects/programmes. Mwangi has over 10 years teaching experience and 20 years experience in food and nutrition security and public health nutrition research.  Dr. Mwangi is currently the Kenya Country Leader for the EU-7th Framework project (involving 6 African, 4 European countries and Canada): Improving nutrition through staple foods in Africa, focusing on staple foods biofortification (efficacy of cassava biofortified with beta carotene), fortification (potential at local maize mills with iron) and cognitive development (fortification of complementary foods with iron) ( Mwangi has served as a researcher and monitoring and evaluation consultant with various organizations and consortiums including: UNICEF ESARO – evaluation of pre-service nutrition training, assessment of service providers’ needs, determination of gaps between needs and training and development of a standard nutrition education curriculum for pre-service training for East and South Africa region; GAIN - landscape analysis of food situation in Kenya; USAID/EA RHH office, USAID-Kenya Mission  and USAID-KHCP - developed Integrated Agriculture-Nutrition Frameworks at each level to support GHFS, GHI and Feed the Future Initiative; FAO/AGNA – member of a team that developed e-learning course: Impact Assessment of  Large Scale Food Security Programmes (; Micronutrient Initiative (MI) - external monitoring and evaluation of the Community Based Maternal and Newborn Health Program in Kenya; Transform Nutrition (TN) Consortium Programme on the Neglected Crisis of Undernutrition within the window of opportunity among many. Dr. Mwangi has successfully supervised and co-supervised many PhD and MSc. researches and is currently working with 8 PhD fellows and 6 MSc. students.

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