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ODHIAMBO, MRMATINIA.  2003.  Matini A.O. Equipment Maintenance - "A Practical Approach". Conference NUSESA- Training Workshop for Scientific Equipment Users, Asmara, Eritrea, 3rd November 2003.. : J. Kenya Meteorological Soc Abstract
In this paper, equipment maintenance is defined as an art, a practical enterprise. The paper will not deal with the important and supportive policy framework on equipment maintenance, rather the actual exercise. The importance of operational equipment cannot be overemphasized. Such equipment ensures reliable scientific research results, hence a good laboratory. The maintenance and servicing of such equipment will thus be paramount. This paper will, in a simple way, try to discuss: WHY equipment should be maintained, HOW this should be done, WHEN the task could be carried out and WHO does the job. It is in the understanding of what equipment maintenance entails that due regard will be accorded it. It should therefore be the onus of those responsible, the stakeholders, to consider scientific equipment as a very central player in scientific research, and so give its maintenance utmost attention.


G., DRGATARIMICHAELJ, ODHIAMBO MRMATINIA.  2001.  Training of Equipment Maintenance Personnel Matini A.O., Gatari M.J.. Presented, NUSESA Maintenance of Equipment for the Advancement of Science Regional Conference, Sheraton Hotel, Kampala, Uganda, 3-4 December 2001.. : J. Kenya Meteorological Soc

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