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Akuon P, H X.  2016.  Secure signal and space Alamouti scheme. SAIEE. 1(1):1-5.


Akuon, P, Xu H.  2015.  Layered baud-space modulation. SATNAC. , Cape Town, South Africa: SATNAC 2015
Akuon, P, Xu H.  2015.  Optimal bit error analysis of Nr-branch EGC under Rayleigh fading channels. IEEE Africon. , Addis Ababa, Ethipia: IEEE Africon


Akuon, P, Xu H.  2014.  Polar coded spatial modulation. IET Journal. vol. 8(no.9):pp.1459-1466.


Akuon, P, Xu H.  2013.  Polar coded MQAM with no noise variance estimation for capacity and soft decision metric. IEEE Africon. :233-236., Ile Maurice, Mauritius: IEEE Africon 2013


Akuon, P, Xu H.  2012.  Rate and reliability implementation scheme for Polar Codes,SATNAC2012,EastLondon,SA, 10-13th Sept. . SATNAC. , George, Western Cape, South Africa Abstract

 Communications channel coding that achieves capacity is implemented and solution suggested for selection of the optimal design parameter to achieve capacity:Rate or reliability of channels.

AKUON, MRPETERODERO.  2012.  Optimized hybrid green power model for remote telecom sites,. PowerAfricaIEEE. : IEEE Abstract
Site Installation results of a hybrid green power model are discussed to assist power solution design engineers in proper implementation of various components.
Akuon, P, Afullo TJO.  2012.  Negative power law attenuation estimation for rainy earth-space radio links,Kuala Lumpur,Malaysia, 270-276 March. PIERS . , Kuala Lampur, Malaysis: PIERS Abstract

Attenuation prediction for satelite links s derived and validated from measurements all over tropical zones in the world. The power law model is based on the modelling of the stochastic nature of rain drops over an average rain field area. Best performig for the tests.


Akuon, P, Afullo TTJO.  2011.  Rain cell size statistics from rain gauge data for site diversity planning and attenuation prediction. SATNAC 2011. :213-216., SATNAC 2011,East London, South Africa: SATNAC 2011
Akuon, P, Afullo TJO.  2011.  Rain cell sizing for the design of high capacity radio link systems in South Africa,PIERJournalB,2011. PIERS. 35:263-285,.: PIRS AbstractWebsite

Full report on the derivation of rain characteristics and consequential application to microwave linkk designs.

AKUON, MRPETERODERO.  2011.  Path reduction factor modelling for terrestrial links based on rain cell growth,IEEE.Africon,Zambia, 2011,. IEEE. : IEEE Abstract
Suggested prediction for Rain attenuation in Terrestrial links based on growth modelling of the rain cell is validated from measurements.

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