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Name                                    Adel Kamel Abdel Malek

Date and Place of Birth        22-12-1949   Sohag, Egypt

Marital Status                        Married and has two children

Address                                  Department of human Anatomy, Faculty of Medicine

                                              School of Health Sciences

                                              University of Nairobi, P.O Box 30197 G.P.O Nairobi, Kenya

Telephone                              Kenya: +254733866785

                                                Egypt: +20106618460


Current Position                    Professor

                                             Department of Human Anatomy

                                             School of Health Sciences

                                             University of Nairobi, Kenya


MB.Ch.B                    Assiut University                    1973

M.Sc (Anatomy)         Assiut University                    1979

Ph.D (Anatomy)         Assiut University                    1982

M.Med (Pediatrics)     Cairo University                      1989



Position                                    From               To                   Employer

Professor of Human Anatomy       8-2001             Present           Nairobi University, Kenya.

Professor of Anatomy                  3-1993             8-2001            Assiut University, Egypt.

Visiting Professor                       10-1994           11-1995           Ohio State University,                                                                                                                             Columbus, Ohio, USA.

Associate professor of Anatomy        1-1988             2-1993             Assiut University, Egypt.

Post doctor Research fellow               2-1984             4-1985             Wright State University

                                                                                                             Dayton, Ohio, USA.

Lecturer of Anatomy                          10-1982           12-1987           Assiut University

Instructor of Anatomy                        10-1975           10-1982           Assiut University

Intern                                                 3-1974             3-1975            Assiut University Hospital



Teaching Human Anatomy to medical students for 35 years. Teaching comprised dissection and preparation of practical sessions. Laboratory instructions included gross Anatomy, Neuroanatomy and Histology. Teaching includes lecturing courses of clinical Anatomy, Neuroanatomy and Embryology to graduate and postgraduate medical students.

Experience in Problem Based Learning has been achieved by practicing both the European style (trained in the University of Limburg, Maastricht, Netherlands (1991 and 1996) and the American style (worked as a tutor for Med.II at college of Medicine, Ohio State University (1994 & 1995).


Topics of interest through theses, projects and supervised research activities include:

  1. 1.      Growth and growth retardation of children

Growth of children is assessed through the use of techniques of body measurements (Anthropometry), skeletal age and Dental age. Body measurements are conducted following standardized anatomical landmarks. Anthropometry entails measurements of body weight, height, breadths, body proportions, body circumferences and skinfold thickness. Skeletal age is estimated from hand-wrist X-ray films using scoring method and atlas matching method. Dental age is appraised using dental eruptions and dental graded calcification as appearing in dental X-ray film. Research work has been conducted to monitor growth of diseased children in comparison with normal children.

  1. 2.      Body composition

Research in assessing body fat and fat –free mass has been performed using non invasive techniques to predict body fat in both sexes in the different ages. This research work investigates dynamics of subcutaneous fat and its redistribution. Training on this kind of research was part of a fellowship program in the Department of Human Biology at the Wright State University, Dayton, Ohio, USA (1983-1984). Research has been continued through communications and visits thereafter, and resulted in several publications.


  1. 3.      Ageing changes

Definition, changes and theories of aging have been an increasing topic of research interest. Changes affecting the cardiovascular, the reproductive and nervous systems are of special interest. Studies of aging changes comprised histological techniques, immunohistochemistry and CAT scanning. Cross sectional scans of the human brain of different ages have been investigated to analyze changes in some dimensions declaring the size of the gray mater and brain ventricles. Changes of the structure of the goat aorta (representative of mammals) has been conducted to investigate pattern of ageing in the three layers of the aorta (project of the University of Nairobi).


  1. 4.      DNA pattern

In collaboration with Munich University, project of studying DNA pattern of Egyptians and Nubians has been conducted in order to trace migration along the River Nile.

  1. 5.      Experimental Histology and Embryology

Research has been conducted to study the effects of some agents or deprivations on histogenesis or embryogenesis of some tissues and organs.


USA. February 1983-April 1984

One year post doctor program was spent at the division of Human Biology, Wright State University, Dayton, Ohio. Research work focused on assessment of growth of children and body composition.

Netherland June 1991

Attended 3 weeks workshop on problem based Learning. This workshop was supported by the WHO. Training on the different aspects of problem based and community oriented learning took place in the Faculty of Medicine, Limburg University, Maastricht, Netherland.

France July 1991

Co-supervision of Ph.D thesis in collaboration with professor Yvette Lenne, Anatomy and Pathology Department, Nantes Faculty of Medicine, Nantes, France. The thesis dealt with immunohistochemical aspects of the developing retina of albino rat.

Germany January 1993

Revising conjoint work with Professor Svante Paabo, professor of molecular biology institute of zoology, took place at Munich University. The project studied DNA pattern of Egyptians, Nubians and Sudanese.

USA September 1994- November 1995

Visiting professor involved in teaching activities in the department of Cell biology, Neurobiology and Anatomy, College of Medicine, Ohio State University, Columbus, Ohio, USA.

Netherlands June 1996

Attended workshop on recent problem based methods in medical education and examination, Limburg University, Maastricht, Netherlands.

France July 2000

Attended the 10th International conference on Plastination held in the faculty of Medicine, Saint –Ettine, France. Paper has been presented in the meeting.

England January 2007

Anatomical society of Great Britain and Ireland, Oxford, Great Britain.



Member of:

  1. Egyptian Medical Syndicate.
  2. Egyptian Anatomical Association.
  3. Egyptian Society of Physical Anthropology.
  4. International Society for Neurochemistry.
  5. International Society for Plastination.
  6. Member of the committee of Medical Ethics, Assiut University.
  7. Member of the committee of innovation of the Medical Curriculum(Assiut University).
  8. Member of the postgraduate committee faculty of Medicine, University of Nairobi Kenya (2001-Present)
  9. Referee for promation of staff members of:
  • Egyptian Anatomical committee.
  • El Mosoul University, Iraq.
  • Mcreree University, Uganda.
  • University of Nairobi, Kenya
  1. Director of the centre of medical education, Assiut faculty of Medicine (1995-2000)
  2. External examiner for undergraduates and postgraduates: Cairo University, Alexandria University, Ein Shams University, Tanta University, South Valley University.
  3. Member of curriculum committee of the faculty of Medicine , University of Nairobi Kenya (2001-Present)
  4. Editor Anatomy Journal of Africa.


  1. Neuroanatomy, Internal Structures and Connections 1998.
  2. Clinically Oriented Anatomy of Human Pelvis and Perineum, 1997 & 1999.
  3. Anatomy of the Head and Neck, part I, 1992.
  4. Special Embryology, 1991.
  5. Clinically Oriented anatomy of Thorax, 1988 &2000.
  6. Anatomy of the lower Limb, 1997.
  7. General Embryology, 2000.



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Structure and adrenergic innervations of aorta in the goat “Capra Hircus”

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University of Nairobi, Kenya



Teratogenic effects of Di-N-Butyl phthaline on skeletal development of albino rat

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Assiut University  Egypt



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Hala Zarif



Assiut University  Egypt



A new method of age estimation from adult teeth

Sohir Soliman


Forensic Medicine

South Valley University Egypt



The effect of surgain on the postnatal development of the articular cartilage of the knee joint of albino rat

Ashraf Abdel Hakim



Assiut University, Egypt



A study on the prehatching development of the pineal gland in chicken

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Assiut University, Egypt



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Assiut University, Egypt



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Assiut University, Egypt



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Internal Medicine

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Study of the body profile of athletics

Alsyed A. Mohram



Minia University Egypt



Dermatoglyphic features and anthropometric study in mentally retarded patients

Abdel Raoof Omar



Minia University Egypt



Study of the newborn infants in Egypt




Minia University, Egypt



Dr.Julius Ogeng’o, M.D, Ph.D

Chairman, Department of Human Anatomy

College of Health Sciences

University of Nairobi

P.O. BOX 30197 GPO

Nairobi, Kenya

Phone: (+254)720837592


Soher Elsharony, M.D., Ph.D

Professor of Anatomy

Faculty of Medicine, Cairo University, Egypt

Phone: + (20) 127458870


Sherly Elmasarany, M.D, Ph.D

Professor of Anatomy

Faculty of Medicine, Alexandria University, Egypt

Phone + (20)-123103087


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