Optimising Voltage Profile of Distribution Networks with Distributed Generation

Kimosop KC, Abungu NO. "Optimising Voltage Profile of Distribution Networks with Distributed Generation." International Journal of Emerging Technology and Advanced Engineering. 2012;2(12):89-95.


Power utility companies are required to supply customers with power within specified voltage limits. Voltage rise in networks with distributed generators therefore poses a challenge. This paper presents a coordinated network controller whose objective is to maintain an optimal voltage profile across the power network. The operations of distributed generators, on-load tap-changing transformers and reactive power sources are controlled. The controller is modelled as an optimisation problem which is solved using Particle Swarm Optimisation. The IEEE 30-bus test network is then used to verify the effectiveness of the controller. The results obtained show that this controller can greatly improve the voltage profile of a power network by varying the parameters of existing generation and voltage control equipment.

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