"Provision of Basic Education to Nomadic Pastoralists in Kenya".

A. PROFKARANIFLORIDA. ""Provision of Basic Education to Nomadic Pastoralists in Kenya".". In: The Ministry of Science and Technology and presented at the Re-Assessment Workshop KCCT Mbagathi, Nairobi. Kenya 6 th to 8 th May 2002. Journal of BiochemiPhysics; 2002.


Tetralones were converted to tetralinylamines via Leuckart reaction.These were then used to protect carboxamide side-chains of glutamine and asparagine. Clevage studies using trifluoroacetic acid and boron tristrifluoroacetate were then done on these derivatives. The groups 1-tetralinyl, 5,7-dimethyl-1-tetralinyl and 7-methoxy-1-tetralinyl were found to be good carboxamide protecting groups in asparagine.




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